Our Story

Momspice started in a mother's kitchen and is now made with love in the Pacific Northwest by three of us: Colleen, Alia, Tessa. Alia and Tessa met in college and instantly bonded over eating good food, watching anime, and making the world a better place. One day, Tessa pulled a little mysterious jar out of the fridge.

Alia: What's that?

Tessa: This really cool hot sauce my mom made.

Alia: Wait really? Let me try some of that.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Every time Alia came over, she'd be like: hey can I have some of that delicious Momspice?

Tessa: Do you only love me for my Momspice?

Cue drama galore. Just kidding. When Alia brought Tessa home to meet her mom, Colleen, Momspice came too and stayed awhile, until the three of them grew a business together!

This hot sauce is worth fighting over, but its abundant goodness makes it so there's enough for everyone! So relax, kick back, and have some delicious Momspice with your friends and loved ones.

Momspice: When Fire & Flavor Get Together.